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 Thursday, April 19, 2012 308 Third Ave • Albany, GA 31701 • (229) 883-3209 • Fax:(229) 883-3979 

Moving Foward:

As most of you are aware, QU has been struggling financially for quite some time. We are still very financially challenged, but we should all be proud of the recovery efforts and our accomplishments over the last few years. We have reduced the vendor debt that was incurred by others by over half. We will continue to pay back and support our great network of chapters as well. We have already reduced our chapter pay back by two-thirds.

billWe would like to begin with an update on national's 2012
Annual Quail Unlimited Celebrity Conservation Event (QUCCE). By most accounts, the 26th annual QUCCE was the most successful event QU has put together. We had perfect quail hunting weather on the best participating properties. We had record attendance from our invited celebrities and VIP guests. Playing major roles, and continuing their support of QU, were two of our largest and longtime corporate sponsors, Winchester and Budweiser. Returning to the event to renew their corporate support with QU were Beretta USA and Benelli USA. In addition, the following companies have joined

QU as national sponsors and
partners in wildlife conservation

• Duck Head
• Fox 31 WFXL-TV
• Petty Family Foundation the Richard Petty Museum
• Gander Mountain
• cPrime
• Huntin' Is Good
• ASM Game Bird Feeders and Dog Boxes
• Art Sign Corporation

     Becoming a national sponsor is becoming a part of our family. QU values these relationships and pledges its support to the goals of the partnership with these corporate sponsors. At a later time, details of these partnerships and the opportunities that QU chapters and members will acquire from these companies will be explained on the QU web site and/or newsletter.

     The support from the local community in Albany was incredible. We had five vehicle sponsors that supplied transportation during the event. They were Autoland, Landmark Auto Sales, Prince Chevrolet, Sunbelt's Ford Town, and Five Star Nissan. Additional local sponsorships included the Albany Chamber of Commerce, the Albany Convention Visitors Bureau, The Albany Herald, WALB-TV, Merry Acres Motel and Restaurants, Coca Cola, United Distributors, Heritage Bank and Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital.

     The event agenda went as follows: Killer Beaz, nationally renowned comedian, entertained the crowd during the Thursday evening Landowners' Appreciation Reception. On Friday evening, entertainment was provided by Jett Williams and her band from Nashville along with performances by Jim Ed Brown, Moe Bandy, Larry Cordele, and Jeremy Parsons." This was a very special and memorable evening. The Saturday evening event was sponsored by Fox 31, QU's newest corporate sponsor, and steadfast corporate sponsor, Budweiser. The evening was called the "Fox and Quail Covey Finale." It had incredible promotion in the local Albany area and it was absolutely amazing. The lineup of recording artists that performed was like something never before seen at a QU event or at any event in Albany. They say, "a picture is worth a thousand words." If you haven't already done so, please take the time to visit and click on "See photos of evening events" on the left-had side of the page.

     We would like to express a huge "Thank you" to everyone that attended this event and our gratitude to all of the sponsors, the great volunteers and the QU staff that joined together to provide the best, memorable event in its 26-year history! We have already begun the hard and necessary work for the 2013 QUCCE. The dates for this event will be January 23-25. We hope to see you in Albany!

Membership and Magazine
A well-articulated QU national Board of Directors (BOD) meeting was held prior to the QUCCE. Realizing that QU's future had to be secure, the BOD has initiated new, restructured by-laws. Also held was an informative meeting for State Chairmen and chapter delegates where it was also decided that the State Chairman and chapter by-laws needed to be updated, re-written and improved in the next 90 days. Votes were casted and the QU regular annual membership dues will revert to $35 for 2012. The QU membership level for the Foundation Club will continue enrolling new members in 2012 along with the drawing. The next QU magazine should be printed and mailed by the first week of April. In an effort to provide better communication, the QU quarterly newsletter will become the information bridge between the dates that our magazine is printed.

    This past year has not been an easy one for QU financially. However, it is important to remember that two years ago many said QU was finished. We can all be proud of the fact that we are still here! With the support of our members, Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital and the Phoebe Foundation we have a new home for our national office. This new national headquarters is one that we can all be very proud of. It is located at 308 Third Avenue, Albany, GA 31701. Phone (229) 883-3209. In addition, the civic leaders and local and state government in Georgia have also supported QU this past year, as has the entire local Albany business community. Thank you, does not say enough!

    We have managed to reduce the amount of debt that our organization had by over half. We should all be proud of this fact. But, each month we struggle with cash flow. This year is going to be an important year for our organization. In order for us to complete our recovery and bring financial stability back in QU, we are going to have to work together. Our chapters must continue their work with respect to habitat projects, youth events, seminars, dog trials and sporting clays tournaments. The spring chapter banquet season must be a success. If you are part of a chapter that is standing on the side-lines, We encourage you to "get back in the game!" QU needs you, and our youth deserve our efforts to complete QU's mission. If every member does his/her part, then QU will be able to continue the proper mission of our organization.

    If you have received this newsletter, then we would like to ask you to make sure your membership dues are current for 2012. We encourage every newsletter reader to renew or upgrade your membership in QU. It is time for our QU family to join together so that we can continue to work with the thousands of members, hundreds of chapters and dozens of conservation partners in helping to restore America's quail populations for future generations.

    If you have a question, please do not hesitate to e-mail me at or phone me at (229) 883-3209. I will get back to you just as quickly as I can. Also available our regional directors (see below), to assist you on a daily basis.

Wes Coltrane,

CELL (252) 241-8377 • PH/FAX (252) 430-1224

Dick Haldeman,
(951) 767-3435 • FAX (951) 767-2716 CELL (951) 218-8818

David Howell,
(812) 536-2272 • FAX (812) 536-3159 CELL (812) 455-5256

I want to thank you for your past support of Quail Unlimited. It is going to take all of us working together as we reorganize and reshape Quail Unlimited for the future; and let me say, I grow more optimistic about our future with each passing day. Remember, you can contact me at or by phone at
(229) 347-0698 at any time.We're in this together!


Sincerest regards,

Bill Bowles


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