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quail habitat

habitat linkshere is tremendous interest from landowners in managing their properties for wildlife and in particular, quail and other early successional species. Many state and federal agencies and other organizations have excellent publications and other resources. In addition, most state wildlife agencies have technical assistance available to local landowners. For anyone interested in wildlife management on their property, they should contact their state wildlife agency.

The following sites provide a good starting point for those interested in habitat management. Please email us and let us know if you have a favorite habitat site that is not listed below, so that we might include it with the others.

Federal Web Sites

Federal agencies are a good source for information. With the recent changes in federal farm bill legislation that have provided wildlife-friendly practices, a wide array of information is available through these sites.

  • United States Fish & Wildlife
  • Plant Materials
  • Wildlife Habitat Management
  • Farm Service

  • Other Web Sites

  • North Carolina Division of Wildlife Management, Publications Wildlife Species and ConservationThe Upland Gazette
  • University of Missouri Extension, Missouri Bobwhite Quail Habitat Appraisal Guide is available as a free PDF download, hard copies are $2 each, ordered online. No physical address given to order by mail.mp0902.htm
  • Missouri Department of Conservation Home PageMissouri Department of Conservation
  • Quail Unlimited - The Covey Headquarters Web Site
  • Missouri Department of Conservation—On the Edge: A Guide for Managing Bobwhite Quail Free PDF downloadquail_guide.pdf 
  • Auburn University Albany Quail Management
  • Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute, Kingsville,
  • National Bobwhite Conservation Initiative (NBCI)
  • Tall Timbers Research
  • Texas Cooperative
  • Texas Parks and
  • The Longleaf
  • University of Arkansas Coop
  • Quail V Proceedings—Proceedings of the 2002 National Quail Symposium can be found at quail5.html

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