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Quail Unlimited® is a non-profit conservation organization dedicated to the wise use and management of America's wild quail, doves, upland game birds and other forms of wildlife.

The passion and love felt for generations of hunting dogs is well known and respected by Quail Unlimited, its members and sponsors. Now, QU would like to provide exclusively for all our members, the ability to preserve the history, accomplishments and thoughts about your dogs for your children, grandchildren and friends to see.

There is no limit to the number of dogs you can submit for membership, and it can be any breed as long as your canine brought companionship, love and friendship into your life. All canine lifetime members will be assigned membership numbers sequentially that will show on the frame of the photograph, and the database will be searchable by name, state and breed.

Created to honor the substantial contributions dogs have made in our lives, the Quail Unlimited® Canine Lifetime Hall of Fame© now recognizes those dogs and their owner/handlers like no one else. A brief bio listing the dog's name, owner's name, breed, biography, interesting facts and accomplishments will accompany a photo of your dog and you in our Canine Lifetime Hall of Fame. Further, we will update the bio for you via email or regular mail to include any competitions or additional accomplishments made by your canine best friend.

Here is what we need for your dog to be in the Quail Unlimited® Canine Lifetime Hall of Fame:

The dog's name as you wish it to appear.
Birth date, city and state where owned, and a general personality statement.
Full owner's name, address, contact information (daytime phone and e-mail), QU member number. Note: Only your first and last name will appear in the listing. We cannot complete the listing without this.
Biography-Accomplishments of the dog, field trials, shows, competitions, great hunting experiences, exceptional feats (rescue, warnings or protection to the family.)
A color, quality, high resolution photograph of the dog and you, in jpeg format. You can e-mail it to dkogon@qu.org (not over 3MG) or burn a CD with the image and info and mail along with payment.
An "owner's quote" that will appear in the listing.
A one-time payment for membership of $200. Payment must be received at time of application and as a 501(c)(3) organization, this is a tax deductible donation.

BONUS-If a dog is a Hall of Fame member, upon passing, they will be moved into the "Honorary Canine Lifetime Hall of Fame" listing.

Confirmation will be sent via e-mail with your dog's "QU Canine Lifetime Member Number," assigned when cleared for posting. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for posting on the web site at www.qu.org/chof. Quail Unlimited® Canine Lifetime Hall of Fame membership

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